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What will iSESOL Information and Technology Co., Ltd. show at the EMO-Showcase?

August 2019
Company: umati - an initiative sponsored by VDW and VDMA
What will iSESOL Information and Technology Co., Ltd. show at the EMO-Showcase?
  • iSESOL Information and Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading industrial service provider of China. iSESOL focuses and innovates in the machining field, and provides intelligent manufacturing solutions for manufacturing enterprises. iSESOL has been making great effort to implement integration of machine tools, robot arms and all kinds different equipment in production lines and factories and provide value-added services to manufacturing enterprises. Up to now, iSESOL industrial internet platform has covered 26 provinces and 161 cities, served more than 3600 enterprise customers, and connected nearly 30, 000 sets of intelligent machines. We will show the i5 CNC controller which is able to connect the datahub of umati to exchange date with different umati partners. We also will present at EMO 2019 an application named iSESOL EquipCloud which is a value-added service on the iSESOL Cloud Platform. Specifically ,the showcase will establish a structured life-cycle record of a machine tool and provide a series visualized data-charts and analysis results which are critical to the life-span and maintenance of a machine tool. The analysis results will serve as key indicators for machine tool suppliers and maintenance service providers.

And why is umati exactly right at EMO 2019?

  • As the top machine tool exhibition in the world, EMO 2019 is a big party for industry partners, especially for machine tool manufacturers. Exhibitors come from different industry sectors such as manufacturing systems/high-precision tools/automation and logistics/system integration solution providers. There will be approximately 2230 exhibitors from over 40 countries, and there will be about 130 thousand professional visitors. EMO 2019 is a great opportunity for umati group to show the newest updates, both technically and in market.


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