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universal machine technology interface

umati has new partner AEI CORPORATION

June 2021
Author: vdw_Lobosco
Company: umati - an initiative sponsored by VDW and VDMA
umati has new partner AEI CORPORATION

AEI CORPORATION is now part of the umati community 


What expectations do you have of umati, what do you expect from the partnership?

Development of standardized interface to enable communication between multi-vendor systems in factory automation is one of the primary goals in Industry 4.0. Umatiinitiative enables interoperable machine-to-machine communication in plug and play fashion using OPCUA as common interface and standardizing OPCUA Machinery companion models for exchanging information between variety of machine types. As, a system integrator and design service provider in Industrial automation field, we come across these interoperable challenge often in M2M and M2C communication. The OPCUA Machinery Companion model will help us to handle our customer use-case efficiently that reduces application complexity, configuration overhead and cost of maintenance. Partnering with Umatiwill enable us to explore machinery use-cases in the market and provide global visibility for our support and services we offer for machine builders, device and silicon manufacturers, who are looking for vertical industry4.0 solutions in green field and brown field systems.

What advantages does umatioffer your company and your customers?

One of the key aspects we focus in our designs is the long-term maintainability and scalability of the end-solution. Umatiprovides us access to open standards, companion models to help us drive our customer use-cases. It also allows us to communicate with Umaticore team for exchanging technical ideas, participate in trade shows, contribute and jointly approach a variety of real-world use-cases going forward.

How do you evaluate the expansion of the umatiinitiative to the entire mechanical engineering industry?

It is a much needed initiative to standardize the communication between machine of any type across any industry. This will help in achieving the digital uniformity target of Industry4.0 by defining common interfaces irrespective of the engineering sector.


AEI at a glimpse

With a core-team engineering experience of more than 50+ years, AEI is a leading provider of software solutions, system integration to OEMs, silicon providers, device manufacturers, MES providers and smart factory solutions. Started in 2017 and with an team strength of 15+, we are a growing start-up focusing on creating, facilitating integration and management of scalable technology solutions, cost efficiently and effectively; in the areas of industrial Ethernet, Fieldbus, Industry4.0, digitization.



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