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universal machine technology interface

umati has new partner Sereact

April 2021
Company: umati - an initiative sponsored by VDW and VDMA
umati has new partner Sereact

Sereact is now part of the umati community.


What expectations do you have of umati, what do you expect from the partnership?

The sereact team is excited to contribute to the definition and utilization of an open and cross-platform machine communication standard. In additionumati offers an exciting platform consisting of versatile partners with origins in industry and science and also provides access to an attractive network. 

What advantages does umati offer your company and your customers?

umati provides the opportunity for easy integrationconnection and interoperability of the sereact technology with other systems and components. This generates significant added value for our customers. 

How do you evaluate the expansion of the Umati initiative to the entire mechanical engineering industry?

Strongly positive. The collaborative creation and use of standards and specifications has enormous potential to increase interoperability of different systems and universal connectivity.


About Sereact

Sereact is an innovative startup in the field of artificial intelligence with application in robotics located in Stuttgart. With its product “capto”, sereact provides an intelligent software solution for robotic picking of arbitrary items for warehouse automation. capto uses the Sense-Reason-Act pipeline developed by sereact for AI-driven processing of sensor information and computation of optimal picking strategies. As a result, sereact capto achieves human-level pick performance and enables significant cost efficiencies for e‑commerce businesses.

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