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New partner for umati: Unomic

July 2020
Author: vdw_schuetz
Company: umati - an initiative sponsored by VDW and VDMA
New partner for umati: Unomic

Unomic is active since December 2006 and is currently based in Busan, Korea.

The company's core competencies include the provision of innovative software for manufacturing equipment and production lines, as well as hardware for specializing in [real-time data acquisition - analysis - monitoring] of plant or equipment in various forms. Customers thus receive precise and cost-effective solutions that are optimized for production facilities.

Unomic has worked for 10 years with Doosan Machine Tools, Hanwha Aerospace and SMEC, a representative machine manufacturer in Korea. This refers to technical developments and also business cooperation. As a representative S/W company based on machine-supported cutting and machining, the company is characterized by technological capabilities. Supported by experience gained in the early days of the company's foundation in hardware and software development in the fields of medicine, production and manufacturing and processing, the company is now facing new challenges. The goal is to become the leader in industry 4.0.


What do you expect from the partnership with umati?

"We wanted umati to grow together as an interface for machine tools because we are working in the same field. We can also deal with OPCUA in principle, as umati has chosen OPCUA as its basic technology. However, since last April, umati has also been moving in the direction of Unomic by expanding its interface to machine technology. From the cooperation with umati we expect a professional network support as a strong partner in providing solutions for the analysis of machine technology data for industrial sites all over the world".


To the picture:

Unomic supports the entire production line with ELFiNOS, a tailor-made platform for manufacturing. Source: UNOMIC



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