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universal machine technology interface

umati has new partner konzeptpark

March 2021
Company: VDW-Forschungsinstitut e.V.
umati has new partner konzeptpark

konzeptpark is now part of the umati community. 

What expectations do you have of umati, what do you expect from the partnership?

We hope that umati will increase the market acceptance of the modern, open, cross-platform standard OPC UA. This acceptance can be strongly promoted with umati for customers and manufacturers of systems and machines, on the basis of Companion Specifications. As a digitization company, we therefore see future market potential for future products and services in this area.

What advantages does umati offer your company and your customers?

With umati, we see the opportunity in the field of mechanical and plant engineering with future products more easily. By simplifying interfaces via OPC UA and umati, the workload is reduced and the implementation of projects is greatly accelerated, which in turn saves the customer and us time and money.

How do you evaluate the expansion of the Umati initiative to the entire mechanical engineering industry?

Expanding the Scope on the entire mechanical engineering sector is a major challenge for all companies. However, this is a correct and important step into Industry 4.0, which not only has great potential for customers and manufacturers, it also has a great potential for the environment. 

About konzeptpark

The konzeptpark which is based in Lahnau (Hessen) has a main target for customers:
“A digitization solution tailored to your product with our OPC UA gateway solutions, to promote competitiveness and innovation, through well thought-out and secure data and process integration”
The management of data and communication solutions is becoming increasingly important in times of advancing digitization. New technologies make the requirements for software development more and more complex. Cross-platform knowledge and modern technologies are required to guarantee companies secure, long-term future planning. Konzeptpark started for this in 1995.
With our eyes firmly on the perspectives of tomorrow, we develop future-proof system solutions for the digital business success of our customers.


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