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umati has new partner SATO

November 2020
Company: umati - an initiative sponsored by VDW and VDMA
umati has new partner SATO

SATO Gmbh is now member of the umati community.


What expectations do you have of umati, what do you expect from the partnership?

“We expect a strong and open network for communication standards across machinery and control systems of any branch and manufacturer. While developing customer focused solutions with the umati standard, we are looking forward to presenting showcases together with our umati networking partners. And we hope to stimulate visitors in developing new digital solutions within the engineering business.”

What advantages does umati offer your company and your customers?

“In addition to ordinary CNC controlled cutting machines, we focus on automated machinery systems, based on our modular machinery series and supplemented through different handling systems. Being a partner of umati increases SATO’s visibility outside the origin of pure cutting machinery business. Of course, this helps building up new relationships within neighbor business areas and meeting new customers.”

How do you evaluate the expansion of the umati initiative to the entire mechanical engineering industry?

“Pure technically, industry 4.0 is based on communication. From an application point of view, industry 4.0 shall focus on customer needs in order to solve operational problems before those might appear in manufacturing sites. A common communication standard across mechanical engineering industry sets the basis for all participants to concentrate on the intellectual aim of industry 4.0.”


About SATO
For more than 30 years Sato has been a manufacturer of CNC-controlled cutting machines in portal and gantry design. The SATRONIK series includes oxyfuel, plasma, laser and waterjet cutting machines. Based on a modular system, the company is specialized in realizing individual customer requirements. The standard portal machines are designed for cutting 300 mm material thickness. The heavy-duty cutting machines are referenced up to 2,000 mm material thickness. For even larger cutting ranges (slabs) in metallurgical and continuous casting technology, Sato builds cutting machines for the heat range up to 1000 °C workpiece temperature

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