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umati Blog

universal machine technology interface

umati has new member Meyk

January 2021
Company: umati - an initiative sponsored by VDW and VDMA
umati has new member Meyk

Meyk is now member of the umati community.


What expectations do you have of umati? What do you expect from the partnership?

"Umati simplifies our endeavor to connect machine shops worldwide to Meyk's cyber manufacturing exchange platform. We welcome umati as a core infrastructure component. As a start-up, gaining access to global suppliers and user networks is essential to test our products and address user experiences. Umati lets us concentrate on delivering products instead of building infrastructure."


What advantages does umati offer your company and your customers?

"Since the community develops umati for the community, we are confident it can become the universal machine technology interface it strives to be. Digital transformations rely on secure data exchanges. Our products focus on making cyber manufacturing resilient, intelligent, and profitable. Being a trusted umati partner is crucial to exposing our product beyond engineering networks."


How do you evaluate the expansion of the umati initiative to the entire mechanical engineering industry?

"In the early 1990s, when private enterprises and public institutions built the internet and its protocols, few imagined the world we live in today. The umati project resembles that spirit. Meyk envisions a world making global products locally by supporting and contributing to intelligent interfaces like umati."


About Meyk

Connecting people and machines to make things anywhere, anytime:

Meyk is a Berlin start-up reimaging how we make things. Instead of mass-producing and shipping products across the globe. Meyk connects product specifications to manufacturers near consumer doorsteps, filling a shared economic gap, cyber manufacturing —cybercraft™. "During the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown, digital manufacturers shared concerns about their future business; they were not prepared to make an abrupt digital transition and were feeling left behind. We immediately recognized this opportunity. We help customers navigate new manufacturing landscapes by connecting their machines to our cyber manufacturing exchange."


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