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5 reasons to purchase at CNC-STEP

August 2018
Author: Magdalene Michalek
Company: CNC-STEP GmbH & Co. KG
5 reasons to purchase at CNC-STEP

Our competence and service: Top technology and support for your easy entry to the CNC world

  • Free, lifelong live-support with TeamViewer software! Our master and technicians will train and support you from our network worldwide on you own PC!                                                                                             
  • Thanks to our self-developed CNC control software “KinetiC-NC” you just need this one version for all applications. Another of the advantages of our software is that you only have to select the CNC-STEP machine type during installation and all parameters are set automatically in the software. This saves you time, money and is easy on the nerves.                                                                                                            
  • The manual adjustments of all mechanical components make each of our CNC machines so extremely precise. Thanks to their special frame profile the machines of the High-Z series are absolutely torsion-resistant.

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  • You can see a demonstration at the CNC machine from our master or technicians. Our time is yours – we are more than happy to spend time clarifying your individual needs and help you to make the right purchase. From our many years’ experience, we can say that a demonstration in our house will help you to decide easily who the supplier of your new machine will be.                                                                            
  • You don’t have to program anything! You can draw your workpieces in our free CAD/CAM software ConstruCAM-3D* (*included when purchasing a CNC-STEP machine except for High-Z S400) or other vector-based drawing programs and simply send the file via the control software KinetiC-NC (or other software) to the machine …

Read here all the information about our machines and their technology.

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