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We bring precision to the point.

Our smallest: High-Z S-400/T

May 2019
Author: Magdalene Michalek
Company: CNC-STEP GmbH & Co. KG
Our smallest: High-Z S-400/T

Our smallest CNC milling machine from the standard range is the High-Z S-400/T. The installed ball screws ensure appropriate precision and speed. Thanks to the excellent results, this router is ideal for hobby and commercial use.

With travel distances of 300 x 400 mm, the small portal milling machine saves space and performs precisely and quickly. With a repeat accuracy of 0.01 mm and a backlash of +/- 0.015 mm, it is in no way inferior to the larger ones from our other machine series.

Of course, also suitable enclosures and frames for our CNC machines are available, as in this example with sliding doors. As an option, hinged doors or other special features can be installed according on customer requirements. Please contact us and let us inform you about the different options and applications.