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ConstruCAM-3D – CAD CAM Software

October 2018
Author: Magdalene Michalek
Company: CNC-STEP GmbH & Co. KG
ConstruCAM-3D – CAD CAM Software

Our CNC portal machines can be used in many industries for different applications. Follow this link to find various possibilities for engraving, milling, cutting, embossing and much more.

All this can be done without any programming knowledge, all you need is our CAD CAM software ConstruCAM-3D. This software is included with our CNC machines* (*except for the High-Z S-400 model).

ConstruCAM-3D has been specially adapted to our machines and is suitable for Windows systems from Windows 2000 upwards.

Whether you want to engrave or mill, with ConstruCAM-3D you have all the options. During processing, the program does not have to be switched to work in a separate module.

ConstruCAM-3D uses a database, so that all your progress during work is continuously backed up. In this way, no data can be lost.

Further special features of the ConstruCAM 3D software:

  • Start-up support and other help functions
  • Menu-Record
  • Projection function
  • Font Editor
  • Module RasterPhoto for photo engraving
  • Scanning module
  • Program-supported troubleshooting
  • Integrated engraving fonts
  • Integrated scale tool

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