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Girls‘ Day 2019 at CNC-STEP in Geldern

March 2019
Author: Magdalene Michalek
Company: CNC-STEP GmbH & Co. KG
Girls‘ Day 2019 at CNC-STEP in Geldern

Despite the early hour, two motivated students are sitting in our social room on Thursday morning. How come? There is a good reason for that, the Girls' Day 2019.

We also join in, because we think this idea of ​​a career orientation day for girls is great.

The 13- and 14-year-olds are bright and show much interest and joy for the work. The production of CNC machines requires accuracy and precision. The two girls master all work steps, such as screwing and aligning the machine components with instinctive feeling and fun. The only tricky thing, as they tell and laugh, is pulling the cables through the flex hose.

The two students had already been in another company two days earlier, where they took a closer look at day-to-day work in typical male professions. They believe, that more women should choose such professions.

They tell me they like best the familiar atmosphere and friendly interaction with one another in our small business. We are delighted with this!

As for the choice of career, the two are still undecided. They are looking forward to the upcoming practical training week, where they will dig deeper into the work routine. 

We wish our young visitors all the best for their further education and are curious about which professions they finally choose.

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