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Customized CNC machines

October 2018
Author: Magdalene Michalek
Company: CNC-STEP GmbH & Co. KG
Customized CNC machines

Customer requirements

We certainly have the right product for you! Because in addition to our standard CNC machines, we manufacture machines according to customer requirements. The requirements can be different.

Machine size

The most common request is the size of the machines. If, for example, you need a special size of a High-Z milling machine, we produce a milling machine with the dimensions 1000x800 mm. The RaptorX-SL series has already been designed and manufactured for a customer with a length of 8.5m.


Should the frame of your future RaptorX have a special colour, this wish can also be fulfilled. The frame is then sandblasted and repainted.

Safety devices

Also, requests for housings are feasible, whether as an all-around safety fence, as enclosures with a back of hardboard or housings made entirely of polycarbonate sheets so that the machine is visible from all sides.

Base frames and elevations

Another variation is a machine stand with an integrated box, in which the control PC can be stowed. Furthermore, portal increases can also be made, which can increase the passage height of the Z axis.


Simply contact us, we look forward to your inquiry!

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