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CIMAC tech talks

June 2021
Author: MichaelHerrmann
Company: VDMA - Power-to-X for Applications

CIMAC, the international council on combustion engines, has recently introduced its new format "CIMAC Tech-Talks", a new format for live discussions offering fresh insight into new and important topics pertaining to the industry today. It might be interesting especially to all active in the maritime, energy, and rail sector.

The Tech-Talks is a series of discussion sessions on different topics/themes, whereby the sessions will be live events with an audience (web-based or face-to-face) comprising an expert guest panel with a host/moderator to oversee the discussion. Each discussion session of the CIMAC Tech-Talks will last for 60 - 90 minutes, with a main theme/topic and sub-themes/topics to be specified beforehand, that will be reflected upon in the session. Each Tech-Talks session will close with a short audience interaction Q&A session.

To find out more, visit the CIMAC website