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Power-to-X for Applications - your P2X network

P2X in operation: eFarm

April 2022
Author: MichaelHerrmann
Company: VDMA - Power-to-X for Applications
P2X in operation: eFarm

Just a couple of years ago, Power-to-X (or P2X, or PtX) was a topic only for a few experts. It was hardly talked about in public and even in politics, only a few people understood what it was all about. Now, with energy transition, sector integration and the fight against greenhouse gases, the topic is gaining more and more ground in politics, economy, society and also in the media. People begin to understand that green hydrogen based on renewable energy is by far more than a hype. And very luckily, Power-to-X is arriving more and more in practice.

One example is eFarm: Sector coupling for regional value creation

Operating local public transportation with hydrogen from regional production: In North Friesland, this is already a reality. The eFarm hydrogen network uses a total of five H-TEC electrolysers, each of which can produce up to 100 kg of hydrogen per day from water and wind power. The nominal load is 225 kW each. The energy source is surplus, regionally generated electricity from wind turbines. The electricity is converted into hydrogen by PEM electrolysis, then stored on site in pressure tanks and regularly transported to two hydrogen filling stations by a pressure tanker. Here, the green H2 is available for fuel cell vehicles in public transport as well as private transport.

The PEM electrolysers additionally create the possibility to use the waste heat from the process. At the eFarm, it flows into the regional heat supply for industry and private households. According to H-TEC SYSTEMS, the electrolysers thus achieve an efficiency of up to 95 percent. The annualCO2 savings amount to approx. 322 t/bus (public transport) plus another 800 t when using the process heat.

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