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Euro 7 - still under discussion

April 2021
Author: MichaelHerrmann
Company: VDMA - Power-to-X for Applications

Engines' emissions are regulated in the European Union by means of exhaust emission standards. Last year, there was already much discussion about a planned new regulation for cars and trucks. The proposal to amend the existing Euro 6 / VI rules, which became public in fall 2020, would have meant the end of the internal combustion engine in road traffic from 2025.

It is also thanks to the rapid and clear reaction of the industries concerned that the feared ban on internal combustion engines will probably not come through the back door and that a significantly modified Euro 7 / VII proposal is now becoming apparent. The internal combustion engine remains an important engine for the journey to green mobility because it is a necessary part of a hydrogen economy.

The EU Commission wants to make Europe a climate-neutral continent by 2050. This can only be achieved if politicians and industry act together. The Euro 7 emissions standard can also make an important contribution to this. Find more information at VDMA here


Picture: Shutterstock