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"Fit for 55" needs more than just one technology

July 2021
Author: MichaelHerrmann
Company: VDMA - Power-to-X for Applications

The EU Commission's proposed "Fit for 55" climate package will permanently shape and change society and the economy in Europe, VDMA said in a press release on the publication of the "Fit for 55" program. According to the association, this change in Europe can become a major business opportunity for industrial SMEs with their many high-tech solutions if the proposed measures are implemented correctly. However, this requires courageous political decisions.

For example, planning procedures for plant and infrastructure expansion must be drastically shortened and significantly more land must be made available. Without a strong and rapid expansion of renewable energies, the envisaged climate targets cannot be achieved, according to VDMA. Even the goal of achieving a leading global role in Europe and Germany in the industrial use of hydrogen is only on paper for the time being.

However, the "Fit for 55" package also contains a heavy burden for the mechanical and plant engineering sector. De facto, the Commission's proposals herald not only the end of fossil fuels, but also the end of the internal combustion engine from 2035. The VDMA also criticizes the Commission for abandoning the path of technological neutrality and unilaterally focusing on the extensive electrification of all sectors of the economy. The development of synthetic fuels from green electricity is in danger of being prevented in this way.

However, eFuels are irreplaceable as a climate-neutral alternative to conventional fuel, especially for aviation and shipping.

Read the press release by clicking the picture, linked to VDMA.


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