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P2X in operation: eFuels made in Chile

May 2022
Author: MichaelHerrmann
Company: VDMA - Power-to-X for Applications
P2X in operation: eFuels made in Chile

Power-to-X is gaining more and more ground in politics, economy, society and also in the media. And, Power-to-X is arriving more and more in practice.


Here is another example: eFuels made in Chile
Porsche has long been building more than just sports cars, and the range of cars it offers has been much more extensive for some time. For some time now, however, the company has been active in a completely different field, namely the production of synthetic fuels. Here, the company relies on technology from MAN Energy Solutions and Siemens Energy.

On the one hand, Porsche believes in battery electrics, but nevertheless does not want to give up the combustion engine. The Haru Oni pilot project in the Chilean province of Magallanes is to produce synthetic fuel based on green hydrogen for German passenger cars as well. MAN Energy Solutions has supplied the methanol reactor for an eFuels pilot plant currently being built near the southern Chilean city of Punta Arenas by HIF, a Chilean company specializing in eFuels, in collaboration with Porsche AG and Siemens Energy, as well as other project partners. The "Haru Oni" pilot project takes advantage of the excellent wind conditions in southern Chile to generate synthetic, climate-neutral fuel, so-called eFuels, with the help of green wind power. Chile offers excellent conditions by international standards for the production of green hydrogen and synthetic fuels made from it.

Please find a video on the project here


Picture: Siemens Energy

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